TMM Hotels

Hotel Booking & Travel Portal

TMM Hotels is an online hotel booking and travel portal. We provide one stop solution for hotels, resorts & holiday trips.


Portal will officially launch by 2022, however Beta version of TMM-Hotels will be live soon and ready for hotel listing. We are planning to list 100,000+ hotels worldwide.

Unlike other portals (who charge 15-20% share of booking value from hotels) TMM Hotels will not take any charge/share from listed hotels. However we charge very small amount for annual listing which can be paid via TMM tokens only. All the tokens we receive for hotel listing will be burned and out from circulation.

The revenue source for our hotel booking portal will be:-
  • Premium listing: There will be paid listing, which will appear on the top/bottom of search pages.
  • Ads: Ads will also be a source of income of TMM Hotel portal.
  • Payment Gateway: We also provide crypto payment gateway and wallet services to our merchants (Hotels)
  • Yearly Subscription: We will take yearly subscription fee (Less than $10). It will be paid through TMM tokens. All the tokens we receive, will be burned and out from circulation.

Token Sale

Contract Created Date 2021-02-08 09:30:23 (UTC)
Total Token (max. supply) 5,000,000
ICO Price 0.3 TRX/TMM
Initial Offering 750,000
Development Fund 250,000
Team Token 150,000
Airdrop & Bounty 100,000
Reward Pool 3,750,000

Token Allocation


Dev Fund


Road Map

2021 Q1 TMM Tokens

Development of Smart-contract and Token generation. Initial Token distribution.

2021 Q2 Community

Development of staking and referral reward program for community engagement and community development

2021 Q3 Bussinesses

We will develop the roadmap of the businesses and will publish separate whitepapers for each businesses

2021 Q4 Wallet

We will launch beta version of TMM-wallet for cryptocurrency and payment gateway solutions for merchants.

2022 Q1 TMM Exchange

We will launch beta version of TMM Exchange. Our goal is to be in top ten Cryptocurrency exchanges by volume.

2022 Q2 Gaming Platform

Our team is developing a number of good games for our gaming platform. We will launch both online and off line games.

2022 Q3 E-commerce

We will launch E-commerce white label solutions. That will be a plug & play solution for small & medium businesses.

2022 Q4 Real Estate

We will initiate a real-estate division which develop projects and tokenize them to provide investment opportunities for all.

2023 Q1 Travel Portal

We have our hotel booking engine. We will launch a travel portal for hotels, resorts & holiday packages.

2023 Q2 E-learning

We are working on e-Learning app. We will provide e-Learning from pre-nursery level to higher secondary level.

2023 Q3 OTT Platform

Our team is working on TMM OTT Platform. We are also looking for tie ups with other OTTs to provide more content in our network.

2023 Q4 Social Platform

Our team is working on Social networking platforms. These platforms will be connected to our wallet & Exchange.